Сообщить о технической проблеме

The Great Game. 29.09.2019

The US president faces the prospect of impeachment while his main rival in the presidential race, Joe Biden, faces the prospect of a criminal investigation.

A special prosecutor is to lead an investigation into Ukraine. The White House releases the transcript of a phone call, causing a political earthquake in Washington and Kyiv.

The words the Ukrainian president said to his American counterpart have been unceremoniously weaponized for the purposes of the US presidential campaign.

Political decency and diplomatic etiquette are totally abandoned. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova joins us in studio. She just got back from New York City after these bombshell revelations. What parts of their conversation have Trump and Zelensky kept secret? What is Ukraine’s president going to do now? What kind of repercussions will this scandal have? And, more importantly, what will be Russia’s position in this situation?

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